Jin Shin Self Help Video Recordings to accompany The Art of Jin Shin by Alexis Brink

The following Jin Shin Self Help includes videos and a choice of a private consultation with Rosemary.  
There are also links to Alexis Brink’s The Art of Jin Shin that is the basis for many of the video recordings,
and a link to Waltraud Riegger-Krause’s Health Is In Your Hands.

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Manual and Flashcards

Jin Shin Self Help with the Fingers

8:27 min

Harmonize Attitudes
by holding the fingers. 


5:40 min

Self Care with 36 Breaths


MUDRAS Jin Shin self help with fingers

Mudras – coming soon

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1 min preview of Main Center video

Alexis Brink of the Jin Shin Institute practicing the Main Center. 
See more offerings from Alexis Brink at Jin Shin Institute.

        19:33 min              11:42 min                   6:45 min


Before using Rosemary's videos and one-on-one training, I struggled with the effects of stress and anxiety on my body, showing up in shallow breathing, muscle tension, irregular heartbeat, nausea, and digestive issues. Not only does Jin Shin help my body, but, by tapping into this amazing modality, I find myself unconsciously reaching for those points now as I nod off to sleep, or waking up holding them. I find myself holding my fingers or thumb during tense conversations, only later to realize I didn't have the same auto response in my body or my psyche from the stress. I am integrating these tools into my life automatically and subconsciously to help me subtly support myself in my everyday life, increasing my well-being. As an experiment, I actually used this method while hooked up to an EKG to prove to myself and my doctor that I could regulate my irregular heartbeat brought on by anxiety (because my EKG was showing an irregular heartbeat and I was stressed). I took less than a minute and had him run the test again. To his amazement, my heartbeats were normal. This works! I'm grateful for being introduced to the power of the Breath and the Hands.
Lynda Colter-Bergh
Psychic Medium