Holistic Nutrition Components

In addition to Jin Shin, I am passionate about nourishing my body, mind, spirit through food choices, detoxification, and communication skills.

Ecosystem Awareness

I become what I eat, and the Earth benefits from my food choices as much as I do.   Awareness of my connection to nature depends on those choices:

  • Join the movement to choose foods  raised with Regenerative Agriculture that farms with no GMO’s, no chemical applications and no tilling of the soil
  • Focus on the human microbiome as the center of human health rather than the human cell – see Dr. Zach Bush’s work 
  • Eliminate sugar and processed foods as much as possible.


Even as we choose to eat more in accordance with Regenerative Agriculture, 
the body is exposed to an increasing burden of pollution from air, water and land. These toxins especially burden the liver, the kidneys and the intestines.
Fortunately, we can consciously DETOXIFY through things like
chelation therapy, homeopathy, teas or tinctures, clay baths, castor oil packs and much more, like Dr. Zach Bush’s I.O.N. 

In addition to eliminating toxins, a simple shift to focusing on GRATITUDE contributes to the health of the body’s cells.
A good beginning for such a shift could take the form of a journal with daily record of affirmations like, “I am grateful and happy for . . .”
For example: I am happy and grateful for restful sleep.
I am happy and grateful for connection with my daughter.
I am happy and grateful for my eyes and ears that see and hear for better understanding.


Connecting the mouth with the head and the heart is a challenge most of us face pretty regularly.   
The Compassion Course Online follows Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication principles, providing tools for communicating with integrity and compassion in our dealings with ourselves and others.
At the same time, communicating with our deeper nature opens up nourishment for more than the physical body and the rational mind.  For example,  the tools of Mastering Alchemy (www.masteringalchemy.com) offer ways to alter the frequency of thought, change the harmonics of nature, and apply the element of Love to create a desired result.  
Also, spending time in nature – near water and mountains and wilderness hiking trails — nurtures our connection with the Elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water.
 How are you communicating with your uniqueness?

Final Word

The traditional western healthcare industry has focused on the body as a
machine with separate parts for much of the last 100 years.
Yet, disease seems to escalate, along with more complicated drugs and surgeries.
Increasing numbers of people are tired of the expense and ineffectiveness of
patching individual parts of the body, and are trying more holistic alternatives, like attention to nutrition and thoughts
and working with the body’s energy flow patterns as in Jin Shin Jyutsu.  (See Products Page.)  As we pay attention to
our connection to nature through food choices, to thoughts and feelings we choose to entertain,
and most importantly, to awareness of the wholeness of who we are in our energy system, the body has the opportunity to heal itself.

For custom assistance with your overall nutrition including food choices and supplements and more, I recommend Dr. Trevor Sexton, ND at Compass Health Clinic – with specialties in homeopathy, energy medicine and food intolerances:  http://www.compasshealthclinic.com/carroll-method-food-intolerance
Located in Show Low, AZ, Dr. Sexton offers in person and online appointments.   Contact:  Phone: (928) 985-0242
Email: compasshealthclinic@gmail.com