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“Now Know Myself” – with Jin Shin Jyutsu and Nonviolent Communication

Rosemary Alden is passionate about Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) – an acupressure that has a huge body of self help that encompasses way more than just touching yourself.  Look for videos and audios on this website for samples, and maybe you’d like to try a live Jin Shin Jyutsu self help training that Rosemary offers online.  These meetings are unique in that they combine the concepts of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with Jin Shin Jyutsu’s acupressure self help.  This means you get the benefits of energy clearing for “Attitudes” while you practice awareness of feelings and needs/values/beliefs that control perception and communication with yourself and others.
The benefits are enormous: 1) perceiving a reality that serves you, and 2) improving communication with yourself and others while you address medical conditions, increase your energy, expand your awareness, or just make that troublesome stomach ache go away.
A JSJ practitioner since 2001, Rosemary also offers private Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions in her home office in a little coastal town along the Oregon coast.

Contact: rosemaryjsj@gmail.com or 541-556-0177.

JSJ Self Help For Fingers

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Registration for Course Offerings begins Sept. 8, 2020.